Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are required for the group package rate?

There is a 10 person minimum for group package rate.


How many students are required for a group package? (For Educators)

Group sizes begin with 10 individuals and can be as large as 200! Anything in between is perfectly acceptable.


How much notice do we need to book a package?

We are flexible and can work with any deadline however, larger groups take longer to plan/organize. Most groups require anywhere from 8-12 months advance notice.  Hotel space is limited, especially around holidays and school recesses.  Tours can be booked right until the last moment provided that there is availability.


"How do I get started in planning?"

Our admisitrative team can assist you and get you well on your way.  Refer to our resource page.


What qualifications do your local guides have?

All guides used are local to the area and experts within their field. They all have certification from their respective country's Tourist Board and have a minimum of 5 years experience. They are excellent in providing the highest quality of ecological information to their group and are expereinced in addressing all age groups.  Guides are available in either English or Spanish.


When will we know our flight schedule?

We will provide you with a flight schedule with the quote and will confirm it once deposits have been received. If we suggest a change after deposits are received, it is only with the permission of the educator/trip leader. Changes are generally made for better connection times, fewer connections or for a reduction in price which will lower the package cost.


Will we be merged with another group?

Most of our clients are grouped privately providing they have met the 10 person minimum group size.  If the 10 person minimum has not been met, groups will be merged to received the best pricing on packages.  If you would like to travel with another group/school, it is possible but is only available on request from both parties..


What standards of hotels do you use?

Unless requested otherwise, Eco Outreach International always uses centrally located, tourist class (or above) hotels with private facilities.   These hotels offer great comfort, authentic/freshly cooked foods, amazing scenary, and ample wildlife surrounding their facility.  Most hotels have wi-fi that is available to their clients.  To receive the best prices, clients/student are accommodated in a maximum of quad occupancy.


Will client/parent meetings be scheduled?

Eco Outreach International recommends that each group assign a leader who should ideally organize 4 meetings prior to their departure.  Our Administrative Team can assist leaders in creating agendas for those meetings.  Pertinant and sequential information needs to be disseminated prior to departure and group meetings are the most efficient means of sharing this information.


Does Eco Outreach International offer an insurance plan?

Eco Outreach International provides our clients with general trip insurance while on the trip ( The insurance plan we offer is a group policy customized to each group.  Each individual will be insured throughout the duration of the trip.  Should anything happen, you can contact us at Eco Outreach International for assistance under our 24 hour emergency number.


When is the latest we can add additional individuals to a group?

Individuals can be added right up until the date of departure providing that there is availability. Surcharges may apply within 60 days of travel to account for increases in airfare.


Can parents join a school group?

Parents are able to join a school group with permission from the teacher/tour leaders. Parents are subject to triple or quadruple accommodations.  Based on availability, an adult supplement rate for twin or single occupancy would apply for adults seeking their own room(s). Adults will never share rooms with the students (unless parents request to stay with their children).


Do I need to know the language of the country I am traveling to?

English is the language of instruction in the majority of the countries offered to students to study abroad. There are a few countries in which students will need to have completed two to four college level semesters  or the equivalent in order to be eligible to study abroad in that country.


Are vaccinations required for travel?

Eco Outreach International does not make any recommendations regarding vaccinations. It is strongly recommended that clients/students visit the CDC Travelers Website ( and consult with your own physician  before making any medical decisions. Any vaccinations that are required for immigration purposes will be noted in the program pre-departure literature.


Is a passport needed for travel?

Passports are the required form of identification and must be carried throughout the duration of the trip.  Once you have made the decision to travel and you do not have a passport, please do not delay in obtaining one.  It takes several weeks to obtain your official passport. 


Is there a participant age requirement?

Our itineraries are designed for all ages.  Please keep in mind that when traveling from destination to destination within your itinerary, there will be full days of travel.  This may pose some difficulties for very young children therefore certain itineraries may not be suitable for young children.




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