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As a conservationist, environmentalist, animal advocate, science educator, and so much more ... I have always had a passion to make change in the world that surrounds us.  In a believer that we can make a difference, I reached out to the younger generation-those who hold the key to future generations.  I knew that if I took students to some of the most fragile habitats on the globe, they could become the "Leaders for a Greener Tomorrow" that we so desperately needed.  My first trip to the rainforests of Costa Rica was in 2009.  The habitats throughout Costa Rica are becoming increasingly impacted by man resulting in a decrease of biodiversity.   I have led many more student groups to Central America since 2009, and the positive experiences that have resulted from these trips have been the driving force behind the development of  Eco Outreach International.  Together with my first tour guide, Mario Morazán and his wife Walkiria Salmeron, we have become the administrative team that hopes to open the same doors for other educators around the globe.  We can make these life changing trips a possibility for you and your students!


Diane DiGravio

 Administrative Team Member

Science Educator for 17 Years




Supporting Conservation Through Education and Travel

My very first experience

with student travel

A presentation to our school district's Board of Education

Another Example of an

Eco Outreach Adventure!

Katie and Michael Garrett, a brother /sister team of young biologists from England, set out in 2012 to produce a documentary project showcasing volunteer efforts throughout Central America.   The two traveled throughout 6 countries documenting  14 different volunteer projects in conservation which ranged  from reforestation and protected areas management to animal rescue centers and single species conservation efforts such as marine turtle projects. This duo was on a mission to prove how Volunteer work abroad can provide an opportunity to really make a difference. Whether through community work, working with conservation organizations, research projects or teaching, their take home message was that "volunteering can be a life changing experience and can be a great way to travel."  Our group was fortunate to cross roads with Katie and Mike while in Costa Rica and were filmed for their International Documentary.  



A great way to have your students model for others is to offer them the chance to present their travel experiences to younger generations...the future "Leaders for a Greener Tomorrow."  While teaching elementary students about the necessity to recycle, reduce, reuse and to conserve, these young teachers are truly making a difference for our environment.  I encourage teachers to arrange with the elementary  teaches to have those who have particiapted in one of outreach programs, to come share their knowledge.  This is a priceless experience!

"The Value of Volunteering,"  is  an International Documentary Project by Katie and Mike Garrett from Enland.  One of our student groups was filmed while doing a reforestation project sponsored by Sarapiqui Learning Center.  This video episode highlights my own personal students in action.  Outreach Projects through Eco Outreach International have been exceptionally meaningful and eye opening experiences for people of all ages!

Conservation Education

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There are many

ways to involve

your students in

making  change for our environment!

Have Your Students:


 *Present to younger students

 *Encourage them to create


 *Devote projects to

   environmental issues

 *Start a TEDx program at 

   your school/district

 *Encourage advocacy groups

 *Get involved with

   Outreach Programs!"



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