Our Administrative Team

Diane DiGravio


Diane is currently a science educator in New York State.  She spent  10 years as a Research Scientist working for leaders in the pharmaceutical industry prior to entering the world of education.   Diane possesses a strong desire to share with others that the results of critical thinking and analyzing within the sciences are endless, and that anyone can be responsible for the many advancements in science and technology if they are up for the challenge.  The classroom became the perfect platform to share these experiences.  Now in her 17th year of teaching science at the secondary level, Diane has never had any doubts that she has found her niche with education. 


Diane possesses not only a passion for learning but also has a strong passion for both animals and the habitats in which they live.  She has built a presence in the Upstate New York Area with her 27 year involvement in numerous non-profit animal rescue groups and with her advocacy work.  She is well known for the high spay-neuter clinic in which she help to create (Habitat for Cats), her assistance with exotic pet/wildlife rescue and transport, and for the numerous presentations she gives within the Upstate Area regarding animal and environmental concerns.  Her most notable accomplishment is the formation of “Leaders for a Greener Tomorrow,” an educational outreach program to the rainforests of Costa Rica.  During her teaching career, Diane has led large groups of students to Central America where they were able to participate in conservation and preservation efforts.   She feels honored to be able to share some of her most profound experiences with her students to demonstrate just how severe humans have impacted a variety of species and their ecosystems. Given the state of our most fragile habitats and the rapid decline of a variety of species, this educator saw a desperate need to open eyes and to take action on a much larger scale.  Combining her methods of education with her desire to make change, Diane is proud to introduce you to "Eco Outreach International."

































Mario Morazán


Mario Morazán is native to Costa Rica.  He was born in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, just 10 minutes away from La Selva Biological Station, which Mario states "solely  influenced my destiny as a naturalist."  Mario graduated from the National University in Heredia as a Tropical Biologist.  His studies also included exchange programs from Utrecht University in The Netherlands as well as from the University of New Hampshire in the United States, sponsored by The Nature Conservancy.


Mario worked for several years at La Selva participating in different research programs before becoming a professional guide throughout Costa Rica.   He is in his 14th year as a Naturalist bringing people up close to nature while educating them about the vast array of flora and fauna. Mario has a strong passion for all tropical species, especially those which are symbolic of the rainforests. This passion is evident as he captivates his clients with a full explanation and histoty of the many species which inhabit the rainforests.  He loves to meet people from all over the globe and is honored to share the beauty of his country.  He possesses an amazing zest for life and will leave guests with lasting impressions of the rainforests.


In his spare time, Mario enjoys beachtime with his wife Walkiria and their dog “Jossy.” No matter at work or at play, Mario is never without his camera.  His photography skills are exceptional and freeze the smallest of detail in all the little moments that fill our lives!


Walkiria Salmeron


Walkiria Salmeron, also native to Costa Rica,  was born in Turrialba, Costa Rica. Since childhood Walkiria has had a strong passion for leadership roles which landed her a career in administration and accounting.  She grew up in a family exceptionally close who instilled values of love, respect, and honesty.  These values have made Walkiria a perfect fit for  Eco Outreach International as she is our team member who researches, analyzes and organizes the "state of the art" packages offered to our clients. 


Walkiria earned a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED).  While in the process of earning her degree, Walkiria was busy helping to establish CRTours4U, the travel company created and run by her and her husband.  The couple have been the owners/operators of CRTours4U for 4 years and have lead several groups from around the globe through the jungles of Central America.   Walkiria takes great pride in  outstanding customer service and client satisfaction. 


Like her husband Mario, Walkiria is a lifetime learner who continues to explore the world around her.  She loves to learn new things about nature, different cultures, and unique places to visit.  When not on a tour and working with clients, Walkira, Mario and their dog "Jossy" love to escape to their cottage in the exquisite town of Sarapiqui where they continue to emerse themselves in the biodiverity within their country.