Custom Packages Meeting All Needs


Eco Outreach International specializes in packages which offer small outreach projects as part of our program.   Destinations are carefully considered with places rich in biodiversity yet have been negatively impacted by humans.  Our packages are authentic in that they have been designed by locals who not only know how to locate the habitats in which to find the most unique nature, but also know the extent to which these ecosystems are being affected by man. 


Most programs range from 10-12 days and can be tailored to meet individual/group needs. Our programs are perfect for all ages--all clients become our students as they make their way through some of the most captivating ecosystems on Earth gaining a better understanding of why we must make change.  Within each day is a learning experience followed by amazing adventure activities.  The outreach projects will prove to be meaningful as each of our clients will make a positive change for generations to come.  Whether it's cleaning up beaches for the nesting of sea turtles, forest restoration projects or community service to help locals...Eco Outreach International is making a difference one person at a time!


"Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference."

-Dr. Jane Goodall