Our Mission and Vision


Eco Outreach International  aims to provide our visitors with the best ecological experience during their stay.  As nature enthusiasts, our goal is to expose our clients to a variety of habitats which are rich in biodiversity and to educate them as to why we must conserve what little remains here on Earth.


Ecosystems have become severely impacted by evolving societies which has resulted in a vaiety of species becoming threatened, endanged and in some cases, extinct.  Our guides, who are local biologists and native to our destination areas, provide clients with the most authenic education of surrounding habitats and discuss the most current methods of what is being done to preserve and restore remaining populations of both plants and animals. 


Our vision to is to expose as many people as possible to this incredible nature and to create an awareness for making change.  As believers in change and that our younger generations hold the key to a better future, we have created the most competitive packages allowing the chance for more visitors to become involved in our programs.  Packages are tailored to meet the needs of student groups, families, couples, bird enthusiasts or individuals looking to get away to connect with nature. We look forward to educating and captivating you with the most unique nature while leaving you with lifelong memories.   


Your journey ahead will be unforgettable!