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I had the best time

of my life!

From Brooke


From Kristen


Pura Vida

By Brooke Ervin


   So much exists that few have explored.

The wonderful emporium of biodiversity galore.

Beauty engrosses the eye

For I have seen.

   This unexpected land,

So unexpectedly green.


I consider myself alive.

I consider myself found.

These cascading waterfalls

Converted me to bound.


Shooting through the canopy

Feeling light as a feather,

Connected in such a way

No other feeling could measure.


   I drift, I float

Though the underwater world

Permitting the current to take me

As I absorb the energies swirl.


The senses awaken,

   The spirit restored.

This beautiful country

Of biodiversity galore.


College Entrance Essay

From Pam